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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Poem contest!

So While I am broke and can only give away 1 399 pack, I want to do a contest! it doesn't seem like much but It's something! If this goes well I might do more contests with more prizes but until this ends who knows? So here is the backstory. My first ever site contest win was on wiz way back when DS was still new. I had to write a haiku about wiz and won first place! So in honor of that I want to do the same thing. So here is the rules and topic.

1. one entry per person.
2. post in the comments.
3. A haiku is 3 syllables, 5 syllables and then 3 or 5 7 5,
4. It has to be why you love p101 or wizard101, or about them.
5. NO COPYING. It has to be completely original.
6: include you're pirate name/wizard name and a True friend code for me. so i'll add you and send you the pack right after you win

So that's it. The time to submit it is by 10/23/18 at 11:59 pm CST. Ill give you a leeway of 11 min (12:10 am CST) but that's it. If your comment is up right away don't worry, i'll be getting on later that day. and approve those who met the deadline.

but that's pretty much it. I can't wait to see all your entries! Cya in the spiral!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

How much stamina do our pirates and wizards have?

So this is a little fun theory, not well thought out and probably not as well done but still, I wanted to do it for a laugh. So how much stamina does our pirate/wizard have? Well here is the answer, an infinite amount, with the ball and chain we don't get tired, carrying wonky the donkey we don't get tired, and we walk faster with the mighty steed mount. Granted these are all joke mounts but what about our backpacks? We carry entire armor sets and quest items in them don't we? Well in wiz it explains we fold them up, however there is still a problem, since you can't create or destroy matter the items will retain their weight. Which means that our pirate/wiz is carrying more than humanly possible despite being a child. So how does our pirate/wiz do it? They live in the same universe as earth so they follow our laws of nature. But that's not the answer, the answer is in fact the worlds gravity. Gravity is found in large objects, such as the spiral worlds, yet there is a problem here. From what we understand there is the gravity circle then the island. Yet the island floats and in some places islands float on different elevations. So what does this mean? Gravity In the spiral somehow breaks the laws of nature. It would seem gravity is non existent on islands but the materials they are made of have their own gravitational pull. I hypothesize that not organic items are like a - pole and organic items are a + pole. So we are pulled to each other. But what does this have to do with gravity? It means that our backpacks, full of the stuff would be technically a part of our weight according to gravity, and while that would normally crush us in real life the magic aspect of it keeps it from doing so. So basically what I'm saying, the material items we carry have no weight, for some reason (probably magic) gravity is not affected by natures laws. So in conclusion our pirate/wizard has unlimited stamina because they carry no weight and you could say they are being pulled along in the direction they want to go and not actually putting much effort out.

Now lets be honest here this isn't the case, its just the magic of a kids video game. This was a fun post For no real reason so I did little research so forgive my errors. I tried to put some quality into it since it is still a post but not as much as a full fledged post, also I shall be gone all next week for college stuff so cya in a bit!


Thursday, October 11, 2018

How scrip affects the spiral currency. (gold)

So when Pirate101 introduced scrip most people thought. "Cool! new stuff and new money!" But I thought, "How will this affect gold?". I've been meaning to do this post for awhile but never got to it. But now Is the perfect time. After some research which I used how bitcoin affects preestablished currency I found some shocking things. I used this study btw
So now I shall go over what I think. So basically what I inferred from that study and my own studies on scrip and gold I found that when you compare how much gold you get (you can go from 0 to 250000 pretty fast) and how long it takes you to get to max scrip is quite the difference. Scrip has been stated to be rather rare, which means as a currency, not counting it being an illegal currency has little affect on the economy of the spiral. However there is something that bugs me. Its that ships belonging to governments can carry scrip. And due to the amount that drops from them while little I doubt is contraband. So how does this affect gold? Simple, scrip while illegal is technically a new official spiral wide currency. And due to the fact of how easy it is to get gold and how hard it is to get scrip I estimate that since you can get max gold in mooshu (a tower run) yet it takes awhile to get 100 scrip from anywhere except underground fighting rings such as smugglers arena says this. If you have around 100 scrip you could trade it for max gold. Now, due to the fact that large amounts are found in illegal places such as the arena or smugglers cove house despite the lack of scrip elsewhere also says something. There is huge stockpiles of scrip. Now what does that mean? It means if scrip wasn't hoarded and kept secret like it is at the moment it would go down in value making the people who own most of it more poor and scrip only item prices going way up causing people not to use it anymore. This is over inflation. A good example is Germany after WWI, they printed so much money to pay their debts their money was pretty much worthless. Now what does this all mean? It means Scrip affects the spiral currency by cheating the system and making gold less valuable in the process. In reality in the spiral, Scrip is as plentiful as gold, however due to the underworld stockpiling it and keeping it secret it only seems more rare which makes it more valuable. So how can we combat this? first of all we need to do smugglers arena a ton and spend a ton more script. While I doubt that will change the game it would change the market irl. Because the more currency that goes around the less its worth. However when you buy more and the people in charge of scrip and regulating the amount that's out the script market will do better for a short period of time before scrip is as worthless as gold.
Now, I know my posts have gone down a bit in quality. And ill be the first to admit my excuse is lame. However here it is. Due to college and me working on a post a day for next month I don't really have time at the moment to do posts as good as they were. I'm trying to improve that as you can see in the post above but If you have any criticism let me know and Ill try and improve. Only one rule, make it constructive criticism. That means tell me what's wrong then how you think I can improve it! See you In the spiral!